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Sorry this happened to you. I frequently hike with one of my dogs, who I keep on a 15' lead. We've been charged by aggressive off-leash dogs more times than I can count. I've started to keep PetSafe spray on my pack. It can spray up to 10' feet. It's intended to surprise and distract a charging dog without harming them (it's not pepper spray). I've never used it, largely because my own dog is there too, and I don't want to spray them accidentally in the fray, but if I were alone and a dog charged me, I would use it. I'll add that I also keep a pocket full of dog kibble with me, and I've used it many times, just throwing a handful in a charging dog's face. Most of them want kibble more than they want me, and it stops them without creating too much of a fuss. It's always a scary moment, though, because you never know what's going to happen. Safe travels and thanks for your stories. Now, I'm off to hike Heald Tract in Wilton.

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